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JustFarming is a company promoted by people with great concern for the ecosystem. We have come together to simplify the food needs of the busy Urbanites. As we live in an age of Information explosion, where there is an over kill of information available to each one of us, we are going through a phase of understanding what is right food; Food that is healthy, economical, sustainable, wholesome and one that does not damage our ecosystem, is what most sensible educated Urbanites are looking for. JustFarming is an effort to promote a first-hand experience of growing the right kind of food that is earth friendly or life friendly to an industrious man. JustFarming in a way defines the role of a mother in advising sustainable food to be grown and fed. JustFarming is targeted towards busy corporates who are anxious of rapid urbanization and worry for the future of food production for the next generation.

Inspiration behind

Promoters see an opportunity to promote the right farming techniques to people who have no access to farm lands. The stringent government regulations on buying farm lands to a large section of society has resulted in concentration of population around Urban areas disconnecting them from Agricultural dominated rural India. So clearly the country was divided into Agri-dominated Rural India and Industrious Urban India with a clear symbiotic relationship. Recent times we have seen an exodus of rural farmers moving to Urban India thereby creating a huge knowledge gap in agriculture. There is a steep learning path for the farmers, from the green revolution to the present-day, about the impacts of chemicals on agricultural lands. The agricultural produce has reduced and created a large track of farming land barren due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers, which was recommended earlier to increase the farm yield. This greedy move has led to a huge confusion among the agriculturists as to what should be the right farming technique. Should they embrace the old Indian farming techniques of using organic manures and organic agricultural practices? The urban centers in India are also unable to manage waste produced in the cities which has resulted in enormous degradation of natural resources like green cover, forest land, river beds and has up scaled water and air pollution. This has also led to health hazards among large number of people.


Who & why should anyone take part in this prog?

Any individual who wishes to know the right sustainable chemical free technique is welcome to join the open courses that are conducted. However, in order to maximize on the training efficiency, JustFarming concentrates on corporate training, making training more fun and friendly, which will also include team building activities, thereby corporates acquire the twin benefits of educating the team about right food habits which will eventually increase the productivity in the organization , because people who eat good food fall less sick and rejoice team building activities along with fresh air, away from humbug of city noise and pollution

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